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Custom Made Wall Signs For Your Business

Custom wall signs can communicate your business to the public with or without the lights. We can creatively combine different colors and fonts to your business name or logo to produce an effectively eye-catching wall sign. Outdoor wall plaques can be created to convey a motto, quote, or other important messages that you would like to share with visitors and customers.

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Wall signs and wall graphics offer these unique benefits for your business:

  • Can transform underutilized indoor spaces into branded environments

  • The right signage is key to identify your company’s office or storefront.

  • Helps promote upcoming products and services

  • Provide helpful information for visitors/customers (including wayfinding)

  • Wall signs can catch the attention of those passing by your storefront, traveling in a car, or walking down the street, making a lasting impression.

  • Useful in building brand authority and awareness

  • Can be used to inspire a workforce

Wall Signs

Wall signs and wall graphics are a specialty of Colorado Sign Systems. The various types and uses for such signage make them extremely effective for businesses in Colorado. While these sign types have different strengths and weaknesses, they’re all designed to transform blank wall space into powerful marketing to help drive more sales and information.

Wall signs, also referred to as “cabinet” or “box” signs, are the traditional wall-mounted sign that’s hollow, like a box, or “cabinet.” That hollow frame is built out to either house lights and electrical connections or provide depth and stability for your sign.

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Drive Brand Awareness

Wall signs are prevalent across all areas of business. They can easily be mounted to an outdoor wall without taking up additional space. Because they don't extend into overhead space, you can design them to be as big as you want within the constraints of your building. These trusty wall signs will announce your business day and night, though they have less impact on visibility than standalone signs since people may not crane their necks to look overhead or be able to see signs that are flush against the wall from down the street. Wall signs have many selections in terms of materials, and they are easy to customize.

The first step to getting customers in your door is to let them know you're there. Wall signs easily combine your logo, colors, and branding into recognizable signage. Whether you go with the traditional rectangular box shape or go for something more customized, like your logo's shape, wall signs are one of the more cost-effective options to start driving brand awareness.

Custom Wall Decals for Business

Colorado Sign Systems can help design, produce and install your business wall graphics. Anything from short term usage to permanent graphics is guaranteed to make your wall stand out from the rest. Corporate wall decals can benefit clients, vendors, and employees.

What Makes A Wall Graphic A Good Choice for a Business?

Wall graphics are great for a few reasons. Not only are they vibrantly colored and resist fading, but they can be custom produced to any size and any design, allowing businesses to cover entire walls or add to a blank space. They are usually cheaper than the artwork of comparable size and can be installed and removed with absolutely no damage to the wall beneath.

This fast, clean install and removal process makes decals great as temporary solutions to advertise or promote upcoming events or seasonal programs. Use one in the back office for decoration or order a wide variety for the front windows to keep your storefront decorations and advertising fresh and current.

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Why Choose Wall Graphics Over Painting?

Lettering on walls is typical in the business world. It is a quick, easy, and extremely effective way to personalize and use an otherwise empty wall for additional branding space. You can utilize your space for advertisements and graphics.

We all know it's not easy to paint walls and decorate with a new message; this is not the case if you order a wall graphic. They are easy to install, easy to remove, and the best part is you can still clean your walls as you normally would.

Different varieties of wall graphics can be great for a multitude of uses. They can alternate as temporary or permanent, brightly colored, or subtle black and white, and can include informative text or entertaining images. Some of the benefits of custom wall graphics include:

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to remove

  • Large size design options

  • Cut to any shape

  • Text or logo design options

  • Pantone color matching

  • And more

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Where to Use Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be used for either long-term or short-term—depending upon the purpose of use. They are widely used in workplaces to promote inspirational quotes or services. Many office spaces use them to display their mission statement on the wall. Places you commonly see wall graphics are:

  • Offices

  • Schools and colleges

  • Gyms and spas

  • Restaurants and cafes

  • Bars

  • Art Galleries

  • And more

What Options are Available?

That’s the great thing about wall graphics—you can pretty much do anything you want! Some standard options that we see a lot include:

  • Full-color company logos scaled up to fit a large space

  • Hours of operation for the storefront or front desk

  • Important directions for visitors or customers – especially as a custom graphic-look more permanent and professional than printer paper signs.

  • Company mottos or inspirational quotes in a decorative font

  • Decorative company crests

  • Full-size wall decals of company products or nature scenes

  • Other decorative designs used in place of wall art

Our custom wall decal printing capabilities help turn your office into a highly professional and productive setting. To learn more about our wall graphic printing options and pricing, contact us today.



These custom wall graphics are a great way to cover bare walls anywhere and can be a fun alternative for adding your flair to nearly any location. At Colorado Sign Systems, we can design, print, and install custom graphics such as:

  • Logos for conference rooms

  • Lettering for lobbies

  • Large text or graphics

  • Silhouette shape decals for walls



Why stick with an out-of-the-box sign when you're not an out-of-the-box business? Customize your wall signs to represent your brand. During the consultation and design process, you can play around with the size, colors, materials, shape, illumination, and much more. We'll guide you every step of the sign creation process, from the initial consultation to the final shipping and installation.

Our initial consultation covers your goals for your wall signage, whether you want to direct people to your business from a downstairs lobby or post an exterior sign doubling as an advertisement for your services. We consider your logo and discuss your goals. The next steps include:

  • Examining the building architecture and making recommendations for the design

  • Providing drawings of the proposed sign design and incorporating your feedback

  • Contacting your landlord for approval on the design

  • Obtaining the necessary permits and surveying the site for access

  • Manufacturing and installing the sign

Durable, Quality Materials

Cabinet bodies and wall sign frames are primarily made of high-quality aluminum to prevent rusting and can have polycarbonate and aluminum faces. Polycarbonate faces keep their color even in the elements, so it stays vibrant for years to come. Aluminum faces provide a rigid background that can be used to attach raised lettering or even routed for an illuminated option.

There are several different materials for the face of the wall cabinet sign, including acrylic, polycarbonate with vinyl graphics, routed and backed aluminum, or the very popular routed aluminum which is pushed through the acrylic.

Acrylic materials are transparent and more visually appealing than the traditional opaque signs. Our stainless steel signs are weatherproof and exceptionally durable. We also have wood, plastic, and copper wall signs.

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Custom Sign Creation

Our signs can be customized in nearly every way, including the color, design, font, shape, size, material, and more. Every sign is given a personal touch to represent you and your brand.

Sign Installation

We provide sign design, fabrication, and installation services to all our customers in the region. Our team is happy to consult with you on your business needs.

Sign Maintenance and Repair

Our expert team is happy to fix, replace, or repair any business sign type. We will make sure that the sign is back to working order in no time.

Call the Colorado Sign Systems team for all your wall sign needs.

Wall Signs Make the Transition from Day to Night

Looking for a way to give your business a facelift or freshen up your image? Beautifully illuminate your company, business, and logo day and night using an LED lighted wall sign from Colorado Sign Systems.

With the customized, durable sign face, your design is sure to be seen in sunlight. Illuminate your sign, and potential clientele will easily spot your business in the dark. If you want to ensure that your business is seen, take advantage of all the benefits that illuminated cabinet signs have to offer.

Wall signs include strip mall signs, restaurant signs, and store signs, to name a few. Illuminated wall signs feature a sturdy aluminum wired light cabinet with an insert for the business name and logo to be printed and displayed.

Illuminated cabinet wall signs are often placed above a company’s front doors. They are also common in parking lot entrances, positioned on a pole or monument that commonly includes neighboring companies’ information.

Illuminated Wall Signs Work as a Beacon for Your Business

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An illuminated wall sign allows for complete control of the graphics, logo, and text. They are all printed out and inserted into a lighted box that serves as a beacon for your business. You can design the wall sign that best matches your business and fits with the rest of your branding.

Illuminated wall signs are easy to install and maintain. Your business will be visible from afar and attract customers right away.

We handle every necessary step of the process, including getting any permits or working with your landlord to comply with any restrictions. You’re involved in every step of incorporating your branding in your custom wall sign designs properly. Talk to Colorado Sign Systems to start planning your custom wall sign.

From the Design to Installation

Colorado Sign Systems offers full-service signage from design to installation; we do it all. We service small shops to national franchises and keep the entire process in-house, so you deal with one company every step of the way. We even help with the survey and the permitting.

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If you have a national or local franchise, a previously designed sign that needs installing, or you’re replacing an old sign, we do that too! Once you approve the design, you can leave the rest to us. We pride ourselves on being efficient and accept nothing less than perfection.

  • On-site sign designers

  • In-house fabrication

  • Highest quality materials and supplies

  • Highly-specialized installation crew trained in safety and technology

  • Design, Installation, Maintenance, & Repair

  • Neon and fluorescent LED conversions

We are a full-service signage company that specializes in a wide range of products. Our expert team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to design, fabricate, and install a wide variety of signs. Our established technology and industry-leading equipment help us deal with any signage project. No project is too big or small for us.

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At Colorado Sign Systems, our project management team will ensure that every wall sign follows all area regulations and is installed promptly. Our design team will work closely with every client, or their design or architectural team, to design the most effective wall sign for the brand. Our production and installation team will take great care in providing the best possible final product.

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