Pylon Signs in Colorado

High-Quality, Customized Pylon Signs

Catching the eye of customers and communicating where your business is located is always a great idea, and one of the many ways to do that, especially when your business is located in a busy area or along a highway, is with a pylon sign. Pylon signs, also called road signs or pole signs, are signs that are situated high up in the air so as to catch the eye of oncoming motorists and to help guide them to your business. Usually, these signs are supported by one pole, centered on the sign design, two poles on either side of the design, or in a tall structure with a base.


Pylon Signs located outside your business offer unique benefits, including:

  • Eye-catching signage is key to identifying your company’s storefront or location

  • Provides extra opportunities for brand recognition by passers-by

  • Transforms underutilized outdoor spaces into branded environments

  • Pylons with a marquis can help promote specials, products, and services

  • Provides guidance for first-time visitors/customers

  • Well-designed and branded pylon signs can make a lasting impression on motorists and potential customers

  • Useful in building brand authority and awareness

  • Can be used to inspire your workforce as they travel to work

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs made by Colorado Sign Systems are customized to your business, design needs, location, and landscape. When you work with us, you’ll be sure to receive all the services you need. We provide all the services you need to get the signage your business needs, from design and fabrication, to installation and so much more. We’ll even help with permitting, graphics, and longevity care, to ensure that your custom pole sign or pylon sign looks and stays beautiful and useful for years to come.


Encourage Public Brand Awareness

Pylon Signs, pole signs, and outdoor road signs are useful for all kinds of businesses. Whether you have a storefront that you’re looking to attract customers to, or you’re making sure that your office is easy to find and easily accessible, a pylon sign can be just the thing your business needs. Pylon signs have many different options, from backlit graphics posted on a pole by the highway, to tall, solid signage outside the shopping center where your store is located, you’ll make a lasting impression on your customers, passing motorists, or even nearby pedestrians.

The first step to getting customers in your door is to let them know you're there. Pylon signs are an easy way to expose your logo, colors, and branding to consumers with recognizable signage. Because we work to ensure that your signage is made to meet your needs, you have the option to choose a more traditional style of pylon sign, or you can decide on something more customized, like a sign that is in the shape of your logo, pylon signs are one of the best, and most eye-catching options to drive brand awareness in your community.


Custom Outdoor Signs For Businesses

Colorado Sign Systems can help design, produce, and install your business’s outdoor signage. From smaller, shopping center signage to help your customers find the general location of your business, to tall, easy to spot highway signage to guide motorists to your establishment, we’ve got you covered from start to finish and well beyond. We make sure to customize not only your sign, but your experience so your signage is exactly what you want and what your business needs.


How Do I Know If Pylon Signs Are Right For Me?

Pylon Signage is great for businesses for a handful of reasons. Because they are vibrant, resist fading, and are customizable to your needs and wants, your business will always be easily recognized, even by those who have never visited your location before. With options to include lighting in each of these types of signs, you can create a sign that can be a literal beacon in the dark for consumers looking for your company, employees coming in to work, and partners finding their way to do business with you.

Colorado Sign Systems will always work to ensure that your signage is not just beautiful, but functional and long-lasting. We will also work with you to ensure that any permits needed for your sign are filed and processed, the graphics for the sign are appropriate for the image you want to portray, and warranties are included with your signage project so that your signs have the longevity and time-tested impact you’re looking for.


Why Choose Pylon Signs Over Other Types of Signage?

Of course, not every type of signage is right for every business, so choosing the right kind of outdoor signage can be a big factor when it comes to bringing in customers, employee work satisfaction, and more. When deciding on whether or not to get a pylon sign, it’s best to evaluate not only your business’s needs as far as brand recognition, but also how easy or difficult it may be for new customers, employees, or business partners to find your location. In addition, you need to take into account the overall character of the area your business is located in.


Some great questions to ask yourself when considering pylon signs include:

  • Will my pylon sign fit in the landscape of my area?

  • How many eyes can I expect to see my sign?

  • Are my customers or employees in need of a landmark to find my location?

  • Does my sign design match the overall impression I want my business to give off?

  • Will my sign need to be specially permitted or need community approval?

  • How will my sign positively impact my business’s needs?

  • Will the community around my business benefit from my sign?

Once you’ve thought through these questions, the experts at Colorado Sign Systems will also work with you to ensure that the pole sign, pylon sign, or other outdoor signage you choose will provide the best value to your business.

Great Locations to Use Pylon Signage

Pylon signage, either on tall poles or in shorter options are great to use for any kinds of businesses, but can have the biggest positive impact for storefronts in particular. Many malls and shopping centers utilize pylon signage to display the businesses that are inside. Areas where there are many businesses in different buildings, like a commercial area full of workshops and warehouses are also ideal spots for singular pylon signs. Of course, businesses located off of busy highways or roads are great candidates for tall outdoor signage — you can easily catch the eye of nearby motorists and entice them to visit your location.


Businesses that commonly utilize pylon signs are:

  • Malls and shopping centers

  • Highway gas stations

  • Commercial Businesses

  • Restaurants and cafes in high traffic areas

  • Hotels

  • Businesses promoting deals or services with a marquis

  • And more


Custom-Created Pole Signs

There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter for the perfect sign. Each business is unique, which means that their signage also needs to be unique to provide the value they deserve and fit with the business plan they have in mind. Custom pylon signs or pole signs are a great way to ensure that customers can find you as they draw near, employees can find pride in their work location, and you can promote your business in the ways you need. With a custom pylon signage, your business will stand out among the competition, and you can rest assured that you’ll make a lasting impression on the surrounding community.


At Colorado Sign Systems, we can design, fabricate, permit, and install custom graphics such as:

  • Logo-shaped signs on tall poles for instant brand recognition

  • Lettering on backgrounds to stand out against the landscape

  • Large text or graphics above a marquis to provide specialized information

  • Illuminated text or logos to provide brand recognition, even at night

  • And more


Durable, Quality Materials and Installation

In Colorado, we all know that the weather can change in an instant, going from sunny and warm to windy and snowing within the span of a few hours. Because of the crazy weather, outdoor signage needs to be durable and capable of withstanding anything the crazy Colorado climate can throw at it.

Each of our outdoor signs are made with the volatile Colorado weather in mind, which means that we only use the highest quality materials to keep your sign looking beautiful, functional, and upright for as long as you need it to.

By always utilizing the highest quality materials and tried-and-true manufacturing methods, Colorado Sign Systems will ensure that your pylon sign will not fade, tarnish, or age poorly in any way. We also always make sure to follow all outdoor signage requirements put in place by local regulatory agencies so your sign will stay compliant with any rules or guidelines.

Our outdoor signage is usually fabricated with high-quality aluminum to prevent rusting, and can have polycarbonate and aluminum faces to match. Polycarbonate faces keep their color even in the harsh Colorado sun and unpredictable elements, so your logo and business name will stay vibrant for years to come. Aluminum faces on smaller signs can provide a rigid background that can implement raised lettering or even routing for any illuminated options you choose. In addition to our aluminum and polycarbonate options for outdoor pylon signs, our stainless steel signs are weatherproof, exceptionally durable, and very long-lasting.

  • Custom Sign Creation: Our signs can be customized in nearly every way, including the color, design, font, shape, size, material, and more. Every sign is given a personal touch to represent you and your brand.

  • Sign Installation: We provide sign design, fabrication, and installation services to all our customers in the region. Our team is happy to consult with you on your business needs.

  • Sign Maintenance and Repair: Our expert team is happy to fix, replace, or repair any business sign type. We will make sure that the sign is back to working order in no time.

Call the Colorado Sign Systems team for all your pylon sign needs.

Tall Pylon Signs Can Easily Make the Transition from Day to Night

If you’re in need of a way to Facelift your brand, freshen up your image, or boost your recognition, an illuminated pylon sign might be your answer. Beautifully illuminate your company’s location, highlight your business, and make your logo stand out day and night using an LED lighted pylon sign from Colorado Sign Systems.

With a customized, durable sign face, your design will be seen in the sunlight by consumers near and far. Add illumination to your sign, and potential clientele will easily spot your logo, so your business can provide a literal beacon of light in the dark. If you want to ensure that your business is always seen, take advantage of all the benefits that an illuminated tall pylon sign can provide to your business.

Pylon signs that can be illuminated include strip mall signs, restaurant signs, store signs, and gas station signs, to name a few. Illuminated outdoor pole signs feature sturdy construction, durable internal wiring and lighting, and of course, long-lasting and vibrant colors for your business’s logo and name.


Make You Illuminated Pylon Sign Work as a Beacon for Your Business

Each of our custom illuminated pylon signs allows you to have complete control of the graphics, logo, and text during the design process. Each is designed and fabricated to your specifications, so you can create a lighted brand that serves as a beacon for your business. You can design the highway sign or pole sign that best matches your business and fits with the rest of your branding.

We handle every necessary step of the process, including getting any permits or working with any landlords or regulatory agencies in your area to comply with any restrictions.When you work with Colorado Sign Systems, you’re involved in every step along the way so you can incorporate your branding into your custom pylon sign designs properly.

Talk to Colorado Sign Systems to start planning your custom highway pole sign installation.


From Design to Installation and After

Colorado Sign Systems is proud to offer a full-service signage experience from design to maintenance after installation. We service businesses big and small while keeping the entire process in-house and will help with survey and permitting.

With Colorado Sign Systems, you get:

  • On-site sign designers

  • In-house fabrication

  • Highest quality materials and supplies

  • Highly-specialized installation crew trained in safety and technology

  • Design, Installation, Maintenance, & Repair

We specialize in a wide range of custom products and services to meet your every need. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to create and install a wide variety of signs. Our industry-leading technology and equipment help us handle any signage project, no matter the size.

Contact Colorado Sign Systems

At Colorado Sign Systems, our teams will ensure that every pylon sign follows all area regulations and is installed promptly. Our design team works closely with every client to design the most effective sign for the brand. Our production and installation team will take great care in providing the best possible final product.

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