Custom Projecting Blade Signs

Blade and Projecting Signs For Colorado Businesses

Blade, or projecting, signs are usually mounted high above your storefront and installed to extend out over the sidewalk. As one of the most eye-catching sign types, projecting and blade signs are great for increasing the exposure to your business location to potential clientele. There are millions of combinations you can use for designing a fantastic blade sign. Contact CSS to design and build your new projecting blade sign.

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Styles of blade and projecting signs to consider for your business:

  • Illuminated blade signs
  • LED projecting blade signs
  • Neon blade signs
  • Non-Illuminated projecting blade signs
  • Specialty blade signs

Projecting Blade Signs

At Colorado Sign Systems, we offer a wide variety of blade sign designs for any storefront. Our professionals will work with you to help craft a sign that speaks to your business's uniqueness and enables you to stand out to potential clientele. Read on to learn more about blade and projecting signs and why CSS is the best full-service sign company in Colorado.

A custom blade or projecting sign can attract foot traffic from both directions around your storefront. It's the perfect way to catch the eye of passers-by who may just be walking by and entice them to enter your building. When your custom blade sign reflects your brand, you can help your storefront stand out and reinforce your business branding.

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Illuminated Blade Signs

Illuminated blade signs have many significant advantages for business signage, including:

  • Visibility – Illuminated blade signs enhance visibility and traffic for a business that isn't in direct view of the street.

  • Beauty – An illuminated blade sign that creates a direct impact on the clientele separates your business from the rest.

Colorado Sign Systems has the expertise and experience to design and manufacture your illuminated blade sign for your specific purpose. We guide the signage design based on local sign codes, your business, and your creative vision. Contact Colorado Sign Systems to learn more about illuminated blade signage for your business.

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LED Projecting Blade Signs

Illuminated blade signs can either be LED or neon lights to enhance your business's visibility.

Some benefits of LED projecting blade signs:

  • Conserving energy

  • LEDs are recyclable

  • LEDs operate well in the cold with a low voltage which can reduce fire and safety hazards

  • Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LEDs do not contain mercury, so they are easy to dispose of

A projecting blade sign can be hung from chains, ornamental brackets, or industrial tubing. It can get over 70% more views than a standard wall sign—the LED lamps contour the letters or logo, giving it a more dramatic and contemporary look.

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Neon Blade Signs

Neon blade signage offers neon tubing's timeless appeal – a look that never seems to go out of style! The blade sign, manufactured from long-lasting aluminum, houses the electrical elements of the neon. The result is a weather-resistant, beautiful custom business sign that will draw attention towards your business and brand.

What makes neon blade signs a great choice?

  • Neon signs are timeless – they never go out of style!

  • Neon blade signage is unique and eye-catching!

  • Blade signs can be installed onto most building exteriors easily and wired into the existing electrical system.

  • Quality-Aluminum and state-of-the-art lighting components ensure a long, vibrant life.

Our team is experienced in custom design, fabrication, and installation of electrical signs and LED displays at Colorado Sign Systems – we're the Rocky Mountain Region sign experts! Learn more about neon blade signage for your custom business sign. Contact CSS today!

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Non-Illuminated Projecting Blade Signs

Non-illuminated Blade Signs are bracket mounted signs that create higher visibility to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Colorado Sign Systems' blade signs and bracket solutions are eye-catching and engineered to withstand all the elements. There are so many varieties in materials and colors, as well as mounting options. Our blades are manufactured to project your message and grab the attention of potential clientele. Contact CSS today, we look forward to helping you elevate your brand.

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Specialty Blade Signs

At CSS, our custom blade signs and bracket solutions are fabricated to fit your needs. Sometimes it’s all about the signage frame or bracket. We can make custom holders or one of our various stock styles — some even have built-in lighting. These can be simple in design or very ornate. Single or double-sided, illuminated or non-illuminated, blade signage from Colorado Sign Systems is designed to communicate your brand and drive traffic to your business.

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Custom blade signage can attract foot traffic around your building. It’s the perfect way to catch someone’s eye and entice them to check out your business. When your projecting blade sign design also reflects your brand, you can help your business stand out and reinforce your branding. Committed to crafting a custom business sign that you can be proud of, CSS specializes in both modern and traditional sign technology. Contact Colorado Sign Systems for a consultation and custom quote.