LED Signs in Colorado

Custom Made LED Signs For Your Business

Make your business stand out both day and night with a custom LED sign from the professionals at Colorado Sign Systems. Suitable for small and large displays, LED signs are energy-efficient and cost-effective. LED signs for businesses help improve your facility’s look and can display relevant information that will be visible at night or in direct sunlight. The brightness of these signs keeps them readable from great distances.


What makes our LED signs better?

  • Made with high-quality and long-lasting components

  • Indoor and outdoor systems available

  • Build brand awareness through a bright, bold, and beautiful sign

  • The latest LED technology

  • Custom designed to fit your business and specifications118

At Colorado Sign Systems, our custom LED signs are designed with LED backlighting as a way to bring a new dimension to your business logo and create an eye-catching and self-branded LED display in lower-light situations. The advantage is that no matter the time of day, indoors or outdoors, it can make a bright and colorful impression and attract potential customers. The high-quality lighting systems we use are on a flexible rope to allow us the ability to strategically tuck and hide lights and wires behind the layers of your sign, so the metal or acrylic itself seems to glow at night. While during the day, you do not see any unsightly bulbs, braces, tracks, or wires.

Thanks to the rise of technology, LED signs are more popular and effective than ever. These signs make a long-lasting impact that captures the attention of potential customers with vibrant colors. For over 50 years, Colorado Sign Systems has been designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality LED signs that you won’t find at your local sign shop. You’ll see our premium-quality LED signs at corporate buildings, retail storefronts, and other businesses around Colorado.

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LED Back-Lit Channel Signs

LED Backlit Channel signs, also known as Channel Letters or Halo Illuminated Letters, are a popular style of LED signs. By creating a dramatic halo lighting effect, LED channel letters are a unique, eye-catching look that elevates your business’s visual value and appearance. Our channel letter signs are professionally crafted using high-quality components with our state-of-art manufacturing techniques and craftsmanship to make the best signage for your business.

These styles of LED signs consist of 3D channel letters that are illuminated from behind. With its premium look at daytime and exceptionally state-of-the-art visibility at night, your investment is well-placed with backlighting logo signs.

We accommodate every opportunity for an innovative and attractive signage creation. We use various styles and production techniques to offer a sign of your preference without added cost. This style of LED sign is ideal for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other establishments.

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LED Front-Lit Channel Signs

Our LED Front-Lit Channel Signs, or Face Illuminated Signs, are possibly the most common style of illuminated Channel Letter signs. Providing your business with enhanced visibility, front-lit LED signs let potential customers know exactly where you’re located and broadcast that you’re open for business. At Colorado Sign Systems, our LED signs are custom manufactured using concealed internal illumination to fit your logo specifications or standard fonts available, so you don’t have to compromise on branding.

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Custom LED signs attract foot traffic and are the iconic symbol of your establishment. Fabricated to your custom specifications, these letters are a great and cost-effective marketing tool for exterior and interior branding. Our professionals create LED signs for offices, warehouses, salons, decor, and other establishments in the Rocky Mountain region. We offer various styles and the option to customize the LED signs according to your budget, location, and brand philosophy.

Front-lit letters can be made of various materials, such as aluminum, acrylic, and many more. Used for indoor and outdoor premises, this versatile signage solution can be back, front, or side illuminated.

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