Custom Monument Signs

Custom Monument Sign Services In Colorado

When it comes to monument signs, the only limit is your imagination. A custom monument sign is an excellent addition to any business complex or community. A monument sign can be as simple as a sandblasted stone monument or as complex as a steel or aluminum constructed monument with decorative elements. Custom monument sign design offers an identifying landmark for specific businesses or a way-finding tool for parks, complexes, and malls. It is “monumental” in size, and its large structure allows for easier visibility at a more extended range.


Common Monument Sign Styles

  • Architectural Building Sign (Freestanding)

  • Pylon Signs

  • Post and Panel Signs

  • Outdoor Directory Signs

  • Lighted and Back-lit Signs

  • Digital Displays

Monument Signs


Outdoor Monument Signs

Monument signs are typically freestanding signs placed at the property entrance and can serve as business branding, landmark, location identification, or directory listing.

Monuments signs are typically installed at the entrance of residential developments, schools and campuses, community centers, corporate office centers, medical centers, civil services, restaurants, shopping centers, and concert or event venues.


Single Tenant Monument Signs

Our custom monument signs create a professional entrance while adding curb appeal for your company. Our custom signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your brand. And are built from materials that are proven to withstand the elements of time and nature.


Multiple Tenant Monument Signs

These monument signs are typically seen at shopping plazas to display multiple tenants on the property. They help advertise to commuters which stores are located in the plaza and add a decorative touch to the landscape. We can create monument signs to blend in with your shopping center yet still stand out to customers.


Wide Variety of Monument Sign Configurations & Styles

Custom monuments can be designed and fabricated from various materials, including wood, vinyl, metals, concrete, and stone. Signs can be static or lighted and may be configured with LED displays that allow you to modify your message.

Create a First Impression With Custom Monument Signs

Whether you choose a simple or more elegant design, a monument sign makes a statement about your business. It creates an important first impression and provides potential visitors or customers with a professional image that introduces them to your company.

A well-designed and prominently located monument sign allows you to attract the attention of potential clientele before they ever set foot inside your doors. Your custom sign has already offered an impression of your company.

​Designing An Effective Monument Sign

Architectural monument signs can be designed to suit any location, in any shape or size. We can make them in almost any color you can imagine and can have various finishes and lettering styles. You may also choose to add your company’s logo or another custom-designed image that represents who you are and what products or services are available to customers. People always remember an image better than a line of lettering.

Creatively designed and properly installed, custom monument signs for your business effectively communicate a visible business identity and message. Contact the experts at Colorado Sign Systems to learn more about how monument signs can help your business.