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Custom Metal Signage Services In Colorado

Metal is often used to create several types of custom signage that will help you advertise your products and services and your business brand. With over 50 years of experience, we're experts at crafting custom metal signs in an array of metals and several finishes. A well-designed and adequately placed metal sign will provide excellent aesthetics and durability. This will help your Colorado business grow by driving more clientele to you. While aluminum is the more common choice for metal signage, we can customize your sign to create the best business signage for your needs. Colorado Sign Systems can help if you're looking to make a statement with your business displayed on a custom metal sign. Contact CSS to start your custom metal sign.

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Colorado Sign Systems offers custom metal signs in a variety of options, including:

  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • And more!

Custom metal business signage makes a lasting first impression on current and potential clientele. Whether outdoor signage announcing the location of your business or interior signs welcoming guests to your lobby or reception area, a first impression is everything, so custom metal signage that makes an impact is your first choice. We will work with you on selections that will truly represent your company and the statement you want to make to potential clientele passing by.

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Brass Signs

Whether you’re looking for the shine of polished brass or the culture characterized by a brushed satin finish, a custom brass sign from Colorado Sign Systems communicates integrity and assurance. Our professional team will help you develop brass office lobby signs that reflect the image you want to portray. Our brass signs can be found in offices and businesses around Colorado.

Your brass signage is available in a number of different finishes, including:

  • Protective clear coating to lessen maintenance and provide long-lasting protection

  • Spacer mounting that gives the appearance that your brass signage or logo is “floating”

  • Brushed, oil rubbed, oxidized, and polished finishes

  • Raw metal finish that supports the development of oxidation and patina when your brass sign is used outdoors

  • Mounting on a variation of panels including metal, glass, acrylic, or wood

Contact Colorado Sign Systems to learn more about brass signage for your business.

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Aluminum Signs

Our most popular metal signage, by far, aluminum lets you choose from natural satin, anodized, or polished finishes as well as custom-match colors. Aluminum letters provide the high-quality look of solid metal as a practical alternative at a cost-effective price. Quality aluminum signs from Colorado Sign Systems are made of sturdy and lightweight aluminum customized by size, color, and shape. Plus, state-of-the-art graphics can be mounted on the face to best express your business's logo and message. Stores, offices, and even business exteriors can benefit from this type of sign. Get in touch with CSS today to get started on your aluminum business signage.

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Stainless Steel Signs

When you want a distinctive and long-lasting way to represent your Colorado business, stainless steel signage offers enormous versatility and an edgy feel. With a wide variety of finishes and mounting options at your disposal, the professionals at Colorado Sign Systems will help you create the perfect custom stainless steel signage for your business. As leaders in fabricated and waterjet-cut stainless steel signs, we deliver high-quality results.

Stainless steel signage from CSS is available with an array of options, including:

  • Waterjet cut, solid-plate stainless steel or precision fabrication for deeper, hollow stainless steel letters

  • Finishes include traditional brushed or polished finish

  • Natural rust finish for a distressed or antique appearance

  • Mounting with spacers which allow stainless steel signs to appear as if they are “floating”

  • Mounting to metal, glass, or wood panels for an architectural added depth

  • LED backlighting or halo lighting for a sophisticated look

Learn more about stainless steel signage for your custom business sign. Contact CSS today!

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Copper Signs

Do you have a luxury brand or high-end clientele? How are you promoting that high-level service to your customers? Copper signage from Colorado Sign Systems truly stands out and shows the superb workmanship and quality detail that is difficult to rival. When clients come to your business and see a gorgeous copper sign, they know you conduct a high-quality business with professional services. Our copper comes in natural satin, polished, and oil rubbed oxidized finishes ranging from medium to dark shades. Precision cut to your exact specifications, copper might be the perfect solution for your custom metal signage.

Why choose a custom copper sign from Colorado Sign Systems?

  • We can cut your copper in custom shapes, logos, and fonts to fit your specifications to make your idea a reality.

  • Copper signage from Colorado Sign Systems has unbeatable quality workmanship.

  • The rose-colored finish is unique and eye-catching, which will attract potential clientele.

  • Copper signage is suitable for both interior and exterior designs.

If your Colorado business offers high-end products and services, and you need to represent your business's value, copper might be the perfect solution for your metal signage. Contact CSS today, we look forward to helping you elevate your brand.

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When selecting custom signage for your restaurant, office, or just an overdue workspace update, consider the impression you want to make and the result you want. Custom metal signage from Colorado Sign Systems will be the most long-lasting and highest quality option. Boost your business and increase brand awareness when you contact CSS for a custom metal sign today.