Colorado Awning Signs

Custom Awning Signs for Your Colorado Business

Enhance the appearance of your business with a custom awning from Colorado Sign Systems. Awnings establish the identity of your business better than other signage options. As the most visible part of your restaurant, store or office, awnings and canopies are often considered the “face” of your business. Enjoy design flexibility to create a custom-colored awning with discreet branding for your restaurant, store, or upscale condominium complex. Are you operating an ice cream shop, retail store, or daycare center? Go brighter and bolder with your one-of-a-kind custom awning!

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Why is a custom awning sign a great investment?

  • Gives your location a welcoming and upscale look

  • Shelters visitors from the elements
  • Covers walkways or curbside pick-up points
  • Encloses outdoor spaces such as dining areas and patios
  • Protects window displays from being faded by the sun
  • Protects stairways and loading docks
  • Reduces air conditioning expenses
  • Calls attention to your primary entranceway
  • Improves the appearance of your storefront
  • Distinguishes your business with custom branding

Do you want a unique way to promote your business? As an architectural detail, awnings, by their very nature, add finesse to businesses. Awnings are timeless and can add a classic appeal or a bold, up-to-date look. Available in many different colors, sizes, and shapes, awnings extend from your building and, along with Colorado Sign Systems’ versatile graphics, create some of the most powerful marketing visuals for your business. Stylized awnings accentuate your business's identity and grow your brand's footprint.

While multi-functional awnings protect doors and windows, they also provide shade when it's warm, shield us from the rain and provide a respite from snow and sleet when cooler weather prevails. Awnings can also add a sidewalk café element to increase the table count in your restaurant, come in handy for outdoor product displays, and provide a protected space for sidewalk sales.

Because branded awnings and canopies can convey so much to clientele with just a glance, they’re popular signage solutions for apartment buildings, bars, convenience stores, and country clubs. You can also find them in use at funeral homes, museums, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, and theaters.

Choose the colors, font styles, and images you need to customize awning graphics for you. Not sure what’s best for your business’s identity? The professionals at Colorado Sign Systems have the experience to show you what’s possible and what would work best for your business. Contact us today to start creating your custom awning.